mardi 1 février 2011


Nowadays, french teenagers spend about two hours in front of the television, two hours on the computer everyday and one teenager out of two frequently read magazines. They see about forty ads, that's to say twenty to firty minutes of adverts a day. Then, adverts are very present in their daily life, even if they don't realize it.
Among those advertisements, some are more realistic, more shoking or more moving than the others. We can also note that ads often stage women contrary to the men. It's probably because of the fact there are more produtcs adressed to the women, even products for cooking which could be adressed to the men. Therefore, women are frequently represented in adverts by showing their differents facets : the cooker woman, the venal woman, the radiant woman, the dominated woman, the maternal woman, the foolish woman. This image is true or not according to the countries. Of course, we have all different opinions about this subject.

(Nous avons réalisé un sondage auprès des élèves de notre lycée afin de connaître leur avis sur le sujet. L'échantillon est donc constitué d'adolescents de 15 à 19 ans, avec autant de filles que de garçons, leur opinion étant ensuite intégré dans chaque article.)

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